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  • PR LG Display announces winners of this year’s OLEDs GO! competition

    LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, has today revealed the top five ideas for its second OLEDs Go!, a global design competition launched by LG Display together with British design magazine, Dezeen.
    The first edition of the OLEDs Go! competition was set up back in 2020 to discover new and innovative designs that offer novel and elevated user experiences through the unique characteristics of OLEDs – the next-generation display technology boasting unparalleled design flexibility with various form factors ranging all the way from curved to rollable.
    This year’s competition was held under the theme of ‘OLED displays that provide new experiences and enhance people’s changing lifestyles,’ and ended on a remarkably successful note thanks to more than 300 bright and creative designers from 50 countries submitted their creations.
    The company selected the very best 5 entries among them based on a criteria made up of innovation, design aesthetics, practicality, lifestyle-enhancing functionality, and technical validity components which would determine how innovatively they used OLED displays in their concept.
    First place was awarded to ‘Caelum’ designed by talented Turkish designer Cagatay Afsar. The company recognized how the design beautifully integrates a 27-inch Transparent OLED panel into the partition of a desk, eliminating the need for a separate monitor to free up desk real estate and reduce household clutter. When not in use, the display can even switch to its transparent mode as to seamlessly blend in with the room’s décor.
    “We’re spending increasing amounts of time at our desks, since working from home has become so common place,” said Afsar. “As our desks are so important now, I wanted to integrate technology into them in a more stylish way.”
    Second place was given to Turkish designer Damla Aras’s ‘Tiny’, an all-in-one solution that combines a 32-inch Rollable OLED display with a foldable desk and speaker. The multifunctional concept makes efficient use of precious space since it can be used as a desk when the display is in full-view mode or a high-quality sound system in low-view mode.
    In third place, ‘Vivid’ features a touchable Transparent OLED display that can be moved across the home
    effortlessly. Studio WA+CH incorporated a 55-inch touchable Transparent OLED display with a vertical frame on wheels to make it easily moveable to anywhere in the home. With an additional built-in camera on its frame, it is readily accessible for video conferencing, personal training, video gaming and more, and can even be combined with numerous displays to form an effective, aesthetically-pleasing room divider.
    The other entries in the top 5 are ‘Totem’ (fourth place), a highly customizable modern soundbar design with a Rollable OLED technology that retracts from the body and can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, and ‘Easel’ (fifth place), an OLED display and easel stand combination that adds a stylish touch to any interior design and can is highly portable.
    The total prize pot to be spread across the top 5 entries is 88,000 euros, with 35,000 euros going to the winner, 20,000 euros to second place, and 15,000 euros to third place.
    LG Display will review the worthy winners’ designs against their commercial feasibility and could potentially consider to launch new projects for further product development in the future.
    “Based on the wide range of scalability and endless developments of OLED technology, LG Display will continue to provide incomparable and differentiated customer experiences in the market,” said Lee Sang-hoon, Head of Large Display Product Planning Division at LG Display.

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  • PR LG Display creates new markets with cutting-edge OLED solutions at OIF 2022

    LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, is holding its Open Innovation Forum (OIF) for the first time in Las Vegas from June 8 to 10. While introducing stateof-the-art display technologies at OIF 2022, the Company has invited major companies as it seeks to open up a new market for displays in the U.S.
    LG Display started OIF in Korea in 2020 as an event to discover new business opportunities and promote strategic cooperation with various industries. During OIF 2022 in the U.S., the Company will introduce a large number of Transparent OLED solutions jointly developed with customers at home and abroad as well as with promising startups, while presenting the future of everyday space.
    Among its collaborations at this year’s event, LG Display has teamed up with global architecture and design firm Gensler to introduce the Maars M923., a next-generation Transparent OLED partition. Designed for office use, the M923. is a customizable and moveable wall that consists of interchangeable snap-in-place panels. By applying Transparent OLED technology, the M923. offers a unique balance of openness and privacy, redefining space and the dimensions of visual presentations with the option of either transparency or vivid colors – and without the need for a separate TV or monitor. Gensler has previously worked on projects such as Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 and the NVIDIA Headquarters in California.
    In addition, LG Display will unveil its Transparent OLED solution for conference rooms, which has been created with Korean interior company EXA E&C. The E-Crystal with Transparent OLED can use a wall itself as a display by embedding Transparent OLED into the glass wall of a conference room. Also, the Transparent Wall Skin produced with promising startup DAIER works on the basis of adding glass with built-in Transparent OLED to a wall, which can be easily installed in offices, hotels, and hospitals while maintaining the existing interior.
    Moreover, LG Display will showcase its Transparent Gallery that implements high-sensitivity touch functions on Transparent OLEDs and can be used as an Internet of Things (IoT) wallpad or for media contents in combination with office space, commercial facilities, and furniture.
    The Company will also introduce new solutions that blend OLED and art. The Objet Showcase for digital art combines regular OLED displays on the back of Transparent OLEDs to maximize stereoscopic and holographic effects, while the Art Canvas is a digital product that utilizes characteristics of OLED, being self-emissive and displaying images with perfect black. 
    LG Display will additionally exhibit Transparent OLED solutions for mobility and shopping malls, as well as flexible OLED concept products such as the Virtual Ride, which enhances exercise equipment with a large OLED screen, and the Media Chair, which combines a reclining chair with a curved OLED display.
    Meanwhile, the Company is conducting a challenge program in search of new business opportunities for startups in the U.S. as part of OIF. Under the theme of 'discovering new concepts related to OLED and Transparent OLED,' the program aims to support excellent companies by jointly developing products and participating in overseas exhibitions through a final evaluation in November.
    “Based on differentiated OLED technology, we will continue to create new markets by expanding strategic collaboration with global customers and startups,” said Yeo Chun-ho, Vice President and Head of the Business Development Division at LG Display.

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  • PR LG Display Presents AI-Driven NFT Artwork on Transparent OLED

    LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it collaborated with Turkish-American new media artist Refik Anadol to showcase his latest AI-driven NFT (Non-Fungible Token) collection, ‘An Important Memory for Humanity,’ on its revolutionary Transparent OLEDs.
    This limited-edition NFT collection utilizes video, audio and health data taken from Inspiration4, the first-ever all-civilian spaceflight, to create a unique and expressive series of data visualizations.
    While the wide spectrum of colors, lines and spots express their bold venture out into space, its depiction on a Transparent OLED panel is a reminder of humanity’s technological evolution. This cutting-edge panel technology creates an awe-inspiring holographic effect that makes the digital art pieces appear to be floating mid-air, for an immersive media experience like no other.
    The NFT art collection was recently auctioned off for $6.2 Million, with 30% of the profits going to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and the buyer receiving the NFT collection on a Transparent OLED panel. NFTs use blockchain to assign ownership to a unique piece of digital content and prevent work from being duplicated, which secures their value.
    “I understood how amazing the OLED can be for communicating data paintings and data sculptures,” remarked Anadol. “Especially LG Display’s Transparent OLED, is a very exciting medium because you can really see through the medium of data like a holographic experience while you are interacting with an AI.”
    Anadol was able to leverage the Transparent OLED’s revolutionary technology to visualize data such as telemetry, ultrasound, and heartbeats into an aesthetic masterpiece. This marks Anadol’s second time collaborating with LG Display, following his MACHINE HALLUCINATIONS: NATURE DREAMS exhibit for which he harnessed the Transparent OLED display as a digital canvas to achieve creative imagery based on real-time environmental data.
    The Transparent OLED’s self-emissive nature allows it to provide the clearest images, slimmest design and a transparency rate high enough to seamlessly replace glass windows. LG Display is the only manufacturer of Transparent OLED displays in the world. In addition to digital art, the company has employed the innovative technology across several areas and therefore can now be experienced in shopping malls, public transportation and interior designs.
    Previously, LG Display’s Transparent OLED made an appearance at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. to mark the iconic institution’s 175th anniversary. Through the FUTURES exhibition,
    Transparent OLED presented interactive, digital artwork installations to thousands of museum-goers.
    LG Display plans to present various Transparent OLED-based interactive digital art throughout the year, including major art exhibitions held in North America, Europe and the rest of the world.
    "We will continue innovating solutions that provide completely unique customer experiences with infinite scalability by harnessing the power of our one-of-a-kind Transparent OLED technology," said Jin Min-kyu, Head of Life Display Promotion Division at LG Display.

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  • Benadable OLED, blue-light, curvature, Flicker free, Gaming OLED, LG Display, LGD, OLED, reaction time, SID, SID 2022, SID2022
    PR LG Display’s Research Results Reaffirm OLED is the Optimal Gaming Display

    SEOUL, Korea (May 12, 2022) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, unveiled its original research results on the ergonomic requirements of gaming displays, providing further evidence that OLED is the optimal gaming display. The research was introduced during the 2022 SID Business Conference at Display Week in San Jose, California.

    With demand for gaming displays surging since the onset of the pandemic, this move aims to establish new and reliable standards that can objectively judge the performance of gaming displays from the perspective of consumers.

    For the study, LG Display tested a handful of gamers to discover which display conditions provide the best gaming experiences. The players tested games of different genres on a wide spectrum of displays, from OLED and LCDs to flat and curved form factors. The study results show that a gamer’s reaction time can be improved by using OLED, while a display’s curvature provides a more immersive gaming experience.

    Reaction time is the time it takes for the user to recognize the input signal on the screen and then react to it by clicking their mouse or keyboard. Because a shorter reaction time increases the player’s chances of winning, it is widely considered one of the most important factors when choosing a display. Study results reveal that an OLED’s average reaction time was 50 milliseconds (ms) faster than an LCD. “Considering the gamer uses a special mouse or keyboard for gaming which usually provides speed advantage of 10 to 20ms, 50ms is critical in determining a game’s outcome,” said Dr. Jang Jin Yoo, Research Fellow and the head researcher of the study at LG Display.

    Curvature, which refers to the display’s degree of curve, is another determinant factor of a gaming display’s performance. The research study shows that 800R was selected as the display curvature to deliver the most immersive playing experience, although less curved screens performed slightly better for specific sports games. The curvature of today’s gaming monitor screen ranges from 1800R to 4000R, while the study found out that the optimal viewing distance from the monitor display and the person for gaming is around 800mm. This suggests that gamers are missing out on the optimal curvature, and therefore the ultimate gaming experience, too.

    “Given its flexible nature, OLED can maximize a display’s degree of curve to the highest level, which is impossible on an LCD,” said Chang-han Kim, Vice President and Head of Gaming Display Business Division at LG Display. “Finding out that the optimal curvature for gaming is 800R was definitely an exciting discovery for us.”

    With its leading reputation for introducing the world’s first Rollable OLED TV in 2018, LG Display has now set its sights on developing game-changing displays that bring the next-level immersion gamers crave. The company is backing its recent studies, which identified a bendable display as the ideal gaming monitor, by developing a Bendable OLED display that leverages its flexible nature to safely bend from curved to straight on command while maintaining unmatched picture quality.

    “Bendable OLED display will be one of the most fun gaming devices that gamers will find in the market,” remarked Kim. “We will continue to expand our gaming OLED lineup to offer new and exciting gaming experiences for our customers.”

    LG Display is developing gaming-exclusive OLED panels with unique and distinctive form factors which shift between curved and flat states, and plans to collaborate with major global gaming brands to release the most innovative gaming displays in the future.

    Globally renowned for its excellent performance, OLED is considered the perfect choice for console or high-end PC games. It also boasts outstanding three-dimensional image quality across an infinite contrast ratio, the fastest response time, and a wide variable refresh rate that ranges from 40 Hz to 240 Hz.

    Another crucial aspect of gaming performance is eye health. LG Display’s OLED displays boast the lowest blue light level in the industry, emitting 60% less than that of premium LCD displays of the same size. The OLED’s exceptionally low blue light allows players to enjoy longer, flicker-free gaming experiences without side effects such as eye fatigue or headaches.

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  • Foldable OLED, Gaming OLED, in-TOUCH, LG Display, LGD, OLED, OLED.EX, OLEDoS, SID2022, Transparent OLED
    PR LG Display Showcases Innovative OLED Technology at SID 2022

    SEOUL, Korea (May 10, 2022) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it will bring its next-generation OLED solutions to the 2022 Society for Information Display (SID) held in San Jose, California from May 10 to 12.

    By introducing state-of-the-art OLED products ranging from its next-generation OLED.EX to Bendable and Foldable OLED panels, LG Display will highlight the evolution and versatility of OLED technology, aiming to solidify its OLED leadership.

    LG Display will unveil its 97-inch OLED.EX TV display, the biggest of its kind, for the first time to the public during SID 2022. The display leverages the company’s EX technology to boost brightness by 30%, delivering enhanced picture quality with realistic details and colors to give users a captivating viewing experience.



    Among the revolutionary products to be showcased is the company’s 42-inch Bendable OLED Gaming display which boasts a curvature range of up to 1,000R, or a radius of 1,000mm. This allows the screen to bend and straighten so users can optimize their screen to the game they are playing or the show they are watching to enjoy the most immersive experience.

    What’s more, LG Display plans to unveil a completely new form of foldable OLED technology this year. Firstly, the company will showcase its 8-inch 360-degree Foldable OLED which freely folds in both inward and outward directions. The screen can be folded over 200,000 times without compromising its performance thanks to a stable module structure. It also uses a special folding structure to minimize creasing, providing a comfortable and cutting-edge user experience. The company will also introduce the world’s largest 17-inch Foldable OLED Laptop which maximizes versatility to transform from tablet to laptop to portable monitor with ease.

    LG Display will additionally showcase its expansive OLED in-TOUCH and Transparent OLED in-TOUCH technologies for large-sized OLED displays. The new touch technologies provide an interactive and improved touch-screen experience while retaining slim design and stellar image quality.

    The company will also show off OLED solutions set to pave the way to new markets. The 34-inch P-OLED display, the world’s largest automotive P-OLED, employs an ergonomic design structure with a maximum curvature of 800R so that the driver has a clear view of the dashboard and navigation system at the same time. Moreover, the 0.42-inch OLEDoS (OLED on Silicon) display built specifically for Augmented Reality (AR) devices implements the silicon wafers used in semiconductors to create immersive AR visuals with a high resolution of 3,500 pixels per inch.

    LG Display will present its OLED solutions made for the home. The 55-inch Transparent OLED Shelf blends seamlessly into any décor for the best way to view content, display art, add an interior effect to the room through Always On Display mode, among many more.

    “We will continue to provide new experiences for our customers by pushing constantly forward for technological innovation and by creating differentiated values that only OLED technology can realize,” said Soo-young Yoon, Executive Vice President and CTO at LG Display.

    He will serve as the first keynote speaker at Display Week 2022 on May 10, set to deliver his speech ‘The New Normal and Displays.’ In his speech, he will address the increasing needs of a paradigm shift toward people-oriented display to deliver Natural Reality in the New Normal era while highlighting OLED is the optimal solution for this changing environment.

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