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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".


LG Display is committed to continuously invest and strive to become the safe, healthy and eco-friendly company.

vision, Mission, Values ​​& Strategies table shows
Vision “See Better World Through Display”
-“Better World”-

It means LG Display will contribute to create a better world based on its being the transparent global company.
It represents LG Display's commitment to sustainable management to balance the economic performance and safety/environmental performance.
Mission Achievement of Goal through Clean Production + Achievement of Company Goal through Social Responsibility + Achievement of Goal through Satisfaction of Stakeholders => No.1 Safety & Green Value
LG Display’s Basic Strategy of Strategy No.1 Safety & Green Value
Strategy I
Enhancement of Corporate Value

Contribution to maximization of corporate value through extreme and pioneering countermeasures to regulation
Strategy II
Maximization of Organization Capacity

Continued pursuit of organization innovation to proactively cope with market change
Strategy III
Improvement of Eco-friendliness of Products

Customer satisfaction through eco-friendliness of products
Establishment of Safety/Environment Management System
Continuous improvement of safety/environment management system
Establishment of Status as a Global Company
Playing the role of pioneering leader in global safety and environment areas

Product Technology

LG Display

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LG Display is doing our utmost
to create customer value and new market.

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