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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".

Safety Management

LG Display strives to develop the safe business sites.

Ensuring the safety reliability through equipment safety certification

LG Display puts the equipment safety certification system in place to reflect, evaluate, and inspect the safety standards pursuant to the international and domestic regulations to equipment.

The hosting department puts the safety standard in place for all pieces of equipment throughout the company after the investment time, and re-confirms the reflection of the safety standard through its own evaluation.

The Safety Department conducts the on-site inspection of equipment before it is registered or while in use to derive the risk of equipment and improve the safety specifications thereby preventing accidents due to equipment and reducing the fundamental risk factors.

Equipment Safety Certification Process

 LG Display Equipment Safety Equipment Safety Certification process design / specification review, review progress and stability of the equipment in advance of placing your order check the intermediate steps and equipment set-up, after passing the final examination only if you enforce safety certification. This does not pass one of the processes do not have safety certification.

Central Control Room

LG Display operates the central control room to cope with the emergency situations. The central control room is equipped with the systems to monitor the firefighting systems, utilities, weather data and gas/chemicals and to cope with the emergency situations

Process Safety Management (PSM)

LG Display conducts PSM at all plants to prevent fire/explosion and leakage as well as major industrial accidents. The company ensures that all processes conform to PSM from new process design to risk evaluation and risk management system development, equipment procurement, process change management and trial operation to ensure the comprehensive process safety management.

Safety School

LG Display has run the Safety School, Safety Experience Center, and VR Experience Center for non-accident and non-disaster workplaces. In the Safety School, various education and training are conducted including hand-on practices of fire safety to strengthen the emergency response abilities and basic safety knowledge for accident prevention. In the Safety Experience Center, 12 harmful and hazard elements that can be generated in the manufacturing processes can be experienced, which is a field-oriented safety education. In the VR Experience Center, disaster situations can be experienced by simulations based on the eight life rules to prevent critical disasters.

LG Display is making safe and joyful work environments through the Safety School, Safety Experience Center, and VR Experience Center.

Activities to support safety and health of the partners

LG Display contributes to the improvement of safety level and reduction of industrial disasters in the partners by actively supporting the safety and health of the partners. Moreover, it shares the issues about the safety and health by conducting the consultative group with the internal and external partners on a regular basis to prevent industrial disasters.

Product Technology

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