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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".

Pollution Control

LG Display implements its eco-friendly vision to create cleaner future.

Compliance with Environmental Regulation

LG Display hires the specialized technical manpower to effectively comply with environmental regulation and has installed various forms of environment pollution preventive facilities and operated them legally. To proactively cope with environmental regulations to be more strict in the future, it carries out various activities to continuously monitor regulations and develop and apply the new efficiency improving technologies.

Reduction of Pollutant Discharge

LG Display has set and managed strict standards at a level of 70% based on the legal criteria to minimize the environmental impact on local communities due to the emission of air and water pollutants. To achieve this goal, LG Display has installed and operated the optimal environmental pollution prevention facility. In particular, additional standby facilities have been installed in all prevention facilities to properly handle pollutants at the time of failure of prevention facilities. By doing this, LG Display becomes a front runner in reducing the emission of pollutants.

Chemical Management System

LG Display thoroughly manages the processes from receipt to usage and disposal of chemicals in order to ensure the safety and health of its employees and stakeholder and minimize the impact to environment.

New chemicals are reviewed of hazard and legal regulation through the imported chemical management system, environmental safety pre-assessment and PSM system, and the emergency management plan is generated before they are received. After the receipt, they are safely supplied to the designated locations and equipment. MSDS is posted in the site, and the employees are regularly trained of safety and emergency management so that they can cope with emergency situations.

LG Display deploys the chemicals safety management system to continuously manage the chemicals. The GHS*MSDS system jointly developed with chemical suppliers is in stable operation to continuously manage the chemicals.

Proactive Management of Chemical Emergency

To prevent the chemical accidents, LG Display monitors the situations 24 hours a day using the sensors and CCTVs from a central control room. The company organizes the joint inspection teams equipped with thermal cameras to thoroughly check the supply piping network regularly.

LG Display installed the rain water exclusion system which transports the rain fall to its in-house wastewater treatment plant to prevent penetration of chemicals into the river when the chemical is leaked.

Product Technology

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