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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".

LG Rule of Ethics

This page introduces the Rule of Ethics at LG.

LG employees are acting uprightly and

making value judgments in accordance to the code of ethics.

At LG, we share and believe in two key corporate management philosophies “Creating Value for Customers” and
“Respecting Human Dignity.” Based on these philosophies and in the spirit of our Management Charter,
we strive to promote autonomous management along with its accompanying responsibilities.
Our interest is to uphold the tenets of the free market economy, which embodies the spirit of free and fair competition.
Committed to attaining our goal of becoming a world-class global company,
LG will continuously pursue mutual benefits of our stakeholders on the basis of trust and cooperation.
We hereby resolve to adhere to our Code of Ethics as a standard for moral conduct and judgement of values.

Rule of Ethics

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Chapter 1Responsibilities and Obligations to Customers

Under the belief that the customers are the true business basis, LG always respect the customers' opinions and continuously create and deliver the values helpful to customers to secure the unconditional trust of customers.

  • 1. Respect of Customers
    • LG always listens to customers' opinions, thinks that customers' sincere demands are always right, and regards customers as the foremost basis of all decisions and actions.
  • 2. Creation of Values
    • (1) Recognizing that customers' growth is our growth, LG always strives to find the values needed by customers.
    • (2) LG continuously creates the true values that can actually help the customers and give them satisfaction.
  • 3. Delivery of Values
    • (1) LG tells only the truth to the customers and keep the promise with customers without fail.
    • (2) LG delivers the best quality merchandises and services at rational prices to customers and quickly and correctly respond to customers' fair demands.

Chapter 2 Fair Competition

LG complies with local regulation in all regions it conducts the business worldwide and attains the competitive edge through the fair means.

  • 1. Seeking of Free Competition
    • (1) LG Display respects the market economic under the principle of free competition anywhere in the world and attains the customer trust through the quality of its merchandises and services.
    • (2) LG Display fairly competes in good faith with true competency and does not infringe on competitor's interest or unfairly use the weakness.
  • 2. Compliance with Law
    • All LG Display's business practices in Korea and foreign countries comply with law and respect the trade convention.

Chapter 3 Fair Trade

All trades are established under the principle of free competition with equal opportunities assured and seek common development in long-term by developing the mutual trust and cooperation through the transparent and fair trades.

  • 1. Equal Opportunities
    • (1) LG Display grants all qualified companies the equal opportunities to register and be selected as the vendor.
    • (2) LG Display registers and selects the vendors in rational ways under the objective and fair evaluation criteria.
  • 2. Fair Trade Procedure
    • (1) LG Display conducts all trades fairly from mutually equal positions and establishes the trade condition and procedures after sufficient discussion.
    • (2) LG Display does not conduct the unfair practice of any form using its superior position.
    • (3) The information needed for trade is promptly provided mutually through the proper procedure, and the trade result is periodically evaluated under the fair criteria and mutually supplemented.
  • 3. Seeking of Mutual Growth
    • (1) LG display actively supports its partners to be competitive and grow in the long-term through technical support and management guidance and shares the profits created through innovation.
    • (2) LG Display mutually tries with its partners to establish the clean trade practice and maintain the fair trade order.

Chapter 4Basic Employee Ethics

Believing in the truthfulness and fairness of employees, a LG employee establishes the right values and completes the given mission through continuous self-improvement and fair execution of duty.

  • 1. Basic Ethics
    • (1) All employees have the pride and confidence as the LG employee and always holds the honest and fair position.
    • (2) All employees always strive to maintain the personal dignity and honor of LG with high ethical values.
  • 2. Completion of Mission
    • (1)Each employee faithfully executes his or her mission according to the vision and policy of the company.
    • (2)All employees perform the given duty with best effort in fair way and complies with relevant regulation.
    • (3)All employee properly maintain the company properties and protect the company confidentiality acquired on duty.
    • (4)All employees increase the work efficiency through active cooperation and seamless communication with colleagues and other departments.
  • 3. Self-Improvement
    • All employees autonomously establishes the concept of an ideal person of talent and persistently strive to conform to such concept through self-improvement.
  • 4. Fair Execution of Duty
    • (1)All employees execute all duties fairly and faithfully and always strive to create the sound corporate culture.
    • (2)No employee takes the monetary profit of any form, which may hinder the fairness of decision related to her or his duty, from stakeholders.
    • (3)No employee performs the immoral or unethical action that can be condemned by society in relation to personal life or work duty.
  • 5. Avoidance of Conflict of Interest with Company
    • (1)All employees avoid any action or relationship that may cause the conflict of interest between the company and the individual.
    • (2)No employee may use the company property without authority for personal gain.

Chapter 5Obligation to Employees

LG respects each employee as a human being, treats him or her fairly according to his or her capability and performance, and strives to allow him or her to sufficiently demonstrate his or her creativity.

  • 1. Respect for Person
    • (1)LG treats each employee as an independent character with mutually even trust and genuine caring.
    • (2)LG does its best to enable each employee attain the pride and reward through the work based on owner's mind.
    • (3)LG establishes the system and takes needed measures such as the education and guidance so that the employees can execute the mission in fair ways.
  • 2. Fair Treatment
    • (1)LG grants the equal opportunities to its employees according to the ability and qualification.
    • (2)LG evaluates its employees' abilities and achievements according to fair criteria and properly compensates them.
  • 3. Encouragement of Creativity
    • (1)LG creates the best conditions to encourage the creative thinking and autonomous action of its employees.
    • (2)LG actively supports to develop the capabilities of its employees and develop the manpower in long-term perspective.
    • (3)LG respects the personal life of each individual and establishes the mature organization culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

Chapter 6Responsibility to Country and Society

LG protects the shareholders' interests and contribute to enriched lives of citizens and social advancement by growing into a sound company through rational business development.

  • 1. Rational Business Development
    • (1)LG respects the social value of the region in its business conduct regardless of the country.
    • (2)LG pursues the business expansion through the stable growth of the company.
  • 2. Protection of Shareholders' Interests
    • LG sincerely protects shareholders' return on investment by realizing the sound profits through efficiency management.
  • 3. Contribution to National and Social Advancement
    • LG contributes to national advancement by creating jobs and faithfully paying taxes and social advancement through cultural and welfare programs.
  • 4. Protection of Environment
    • LG does its best to prevent environmental pollution and protect the nature to preserve the clean environment.

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