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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".

Jeong-Do Management Program

LG Display operates following programs to practice the Jeong-Do management.

Jeong-Do Management Practice Programs at LG Display

Jeong-Do Management Operation System
LG Display operates the Office of Ethics to systematically practice Jeong-Do management. Moreover, also operates the Management Diagnosis Team which regularly analyzes the creation of outcome by internal organizations and support improvement of competitiveness.
Jeong-Do Management Education
LG Display conducts the education of new hires and newly appointed employees according to the position. It also conducts the education specific to duties such as purchase, production and R&D.
Cyber Voice of Public
LG Display operates the Voice of Public program to practice Jeong-Do management by preventing violation of Code of Ethics and eradicating the corruption.
Bribe Receipt Notification System
LG Display strictly prohibits its employees from owning the shares of its vendors or receiving the money for holidays, promotion, etc. If they could not avoid it, they are obligated to voluntarily notify it to the Office of Ethics.
Jeong-Do Management / Promotion of LG Code of Ethics
LG Display produces the company magazine and internal PR materials and holds the quiz and events to relay the Jeong-Do management activities and status.
Pledge to Practice Jeong-Do Management
All employees of LD Display signs the 'Pledge to Practice Jeong-Do Management' to make sure that they comply with LG Code of Ethics and practice the Jeong-Do management. The vendors also submit the pledge to show their commitment to the practice.
Jeong-Do Management Site Operation
To publicize LG Code of Ethics and prevent violations, LG Display operates the Jeong-Do management web site and bulletin board to describe it in details and share the violations.
Jeong-Do Management Survey
LG Display conducts the Jeong-Do management survey annually to check the awareness of its employees and vendors on Jeong-Do management of company and executives and obtain the basic information for improvement.

Jeong-Do Management Practice Programs at LG Display

We do not disclose the identities of any informants or any information to indicate them with no prior permission from them.
The information of the informants is thoroughly protected by means of our safe reporting system.

Informants to be Protected

We protect the informants when they inform us of their real names and exact evidences. Also the information of reports is thoroughly protected.

What is protected for the informants are as follows:

Things to be protected

  • - Identification of informant
  • - Evidences provided by informants and the collected information from the reports
  • - Items to indicate the persons suspected of violations
  • - Follow-up procedures on the results after the reporting to the center

Protection Policy

The reporting information by any informants is strictly dealt with as the confidential of LG Display. The reporting system is protected under safe security system. The center is operated by some limited persons who pledged to abide by the secret on the reports.

When a person reports some corruption and irregularities that he or she himself/herself is involved, it will be dealt with reasonably in consideration of the circumstances sufficiently.

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