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Conflict Minerals Status

This page shows the current status of Conflict Minerals status at LG Display.

Management of Conflict Minerals

LG Display established the Conflict Minerals management process that includes the formation of Conflict Minerals management organization, survey of Conflict Minerals usage status, vendor risk management, smelting work risk management as well as improvement survey. It trains its employees and vendors to help them understand the Conflict Minerals regulation. It also collaborates with various stakeholders such as the government, customers and agencies to respond to the regulation

Status of Conflict Minerals Usage

Use of conflict minerals smelter survey table
Type Tantalum Tin Tungsten Gold Total
Conformant 38 57 41 107 243
Active - - - 1 1
Non-participating - - - - -
Total 38 57 41 108 244
100% 100% 100% 99% 100%

Survey of Smelters Using Conflict Minerals (2020)

Future Measures

As a responsible corporate citizen, we will continue to seek to source all 3TG minerals in our supply chain from smelters and refiners that are participating in the CFSP or that have otherwise been verified under an independent third-party audit as sourcing only minerals not benefitting armed groups in the Covered Countries, and we intend to do so through the following measures:

  • Continue conducting due diligence of our supply chain and educating and training our Covered Suppliers in order to drive proactive measures by such suppliers;
  • Pursue voluntary participation in the RMAP by more smelters and refiners;
  • Continue information sharing and collaborative efforts with governmental and non-governmental entities and academia;
  • Aim to accomplish responsible procurement of materials that eleminates our display products from not only the use of 3TG materials that directly and/or indirectly finance or benefit armes groups in the Covered countries, but also the minerals from the regions that environment destruction and/or human right violation are occurring due to mining of the materials.

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