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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".

Response to Climate Change

LG Display implements its eco-friendly vision to create cleaner future.

‘Power Saving 1520 Campaign’

LG Display is carrying out the "Power Saving 1520" campaign to save the energy.
The campaign is the company-wide power saving program to reduce the electricity consumption by 20% over 2012 by 2015.

To achieve the goal of Power Saving 1520, it is continuously carrying out the programs such as saving of production linked electricity, improvement of UT equipment efficiency, and electricity saving in everyday life. It is also operating the internal/external idea contest and reward for electricity saving to promote company-wide energy saving.

Moreover, it acquired the international standard for energy management system ISO 50001 certification in order to continuously carry out the systematic energy saving activities. The energy management system is the international standard energy management technique of continuously implementing the energy efficiency improvement programs by having all employees participate in management planning, execution and operation to save the energy under the leadership of CEO.

LG Display is faithfully fulfilling its role as the green business to maximize the energy and greenhouse gas reduction through the company-wide energy saving programs.

Participation in Environmental Preservation Initiative

LG Display launched WLICC (World LCD industry Cooperation Committee) in 2011 to improve the eco-friendliness of display industry. The company is interchanging the technologies and information for greenhouse gas emission reduction, energy and water saving, and waste discharge reduction with display industries and organizations in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and China.

LG Display has been participating in CDP (Carbon Disclosure Product) to communicate with stakeholders by actively disclosing the countermeasures to climate change and greenhouse gas information since 2007 and also in DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) to be objectively assessed of its sustainability level including the environment management

1-Company-1-River Program

As part of environmental contribution activities, LG Display is continuously carrying out 1-Company-1-River program. Since 2013, the company has cooperated with local environmental groups to carry out various campaigns to preserve the endangered species in the local community, remove the foreign species disturbing the local ecosystem, clean the wetland, and feed the migratory birds.

LG Display monitors the water quality 24 hours a day to prevent the water pollution accidents. LG Display installed the rain water exclusion system which transports the rain fall to its in-house wastewater treatment plant to prevent penetration of hazardous material into the river when the chemical is leaked. The wastewater generated by Gumi plants is first treated at the plants and sent to the city's terminal disposal plant of sewage and then finally discharged to River Nakdong. The pollution level of wastewater is strictly set to no more than 50% of legal regulation. The wastewater first treated at Paju plants is sent to the city's terminal disposal plant of sewage and then finally discharged to River Manoo to maintain the water level. There have never been the local issues of water pollution from all plants. Moreover, the company signed 1-Company-1-River agreement with Gumi City and Paju City to clean the nature near the plants and analyze the water quality once a month. The analysis result is reflected in operation of the wastewater treatment facilities at the its plants.

Environmental Activities of Vendors

LG Display is expanding the shared growth program with its vendors to environmental preservation activities. Since 2012, LG Display has been providing the free services such as the energy saving diagnosis and greenhouse gas inventory development to its vendors as part of Green Shared Growth Support project and operating the vendor carbon partnership certification system to assist the participating vendors in post-project activities and additionally provide the evaluation incentive for procurement. LG Display has been inspecting the vendors' environment management and providing the technical assistance to support the vendors to comply with environmental regulation. Such supports are also provided to the vendors entering the foreign markets jointly with LG Display.

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