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  • Social ContributionWe strive in creating a world where local communities
    can prosper and live up to their dreams.
  • Safety/EnvironmentSafety of employees and vendors is our first priority.
    "No safety, No work".

For Neighbors

LG Display delivers the hope to our neglected neighbors.

We will be a corporate citizen to contribute to regional communities and human happiness.


  • Affiliated Facility,LG Display set up the relationship with low income families, childcare centers and senior citizens living alone to regularly visit them and provide the assistance to them.
  • Improvement of Living Condition,LG Display is improving the living condition of households exposed to safety and sanitary danger.
  • LG Display supports social enterprises by providing them with the expert advice of its employees so that the groups can achieve sustainability.


  • Visit to a Welfare Facility,LG Display employees regularly visits and provide voluntary services to the childcare facilities and welfare facilities for senior citizens in the local communities.
  • Blood Donation as Sign of Caring,LG Display employees voluntarily participate in blood donation to save lives.
  • Donation to Local Community,LG Display continuously donates to schools for the disabled and hospitals.

Product Technology

LG Display

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LG Display is doing our utmost
to create customer value and new market.

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