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  • Joyful Workplace A company that understands,
    a company that I want to be a part of!
    We support the enjoyable lives of our employees.
  • Career Development Employees are the competitiveness of our company.
    We provide opportunities to develop
    and prove one’s real worth.

Core Values

Listening/consideration and extreme challenge are the core values at LG Display.

Open Communication
Modesty, Attentive Listening / Consideration, Open Mind
Proactive Collaboration
Trust, Ownership, Synergy
Change and Advancement
Creativity, Challenge, Value Creation
  • Open Communication

    Controlling current self-pride, communicating with speed & accuracy based on respect for others through modesty, attentive listening/consideration, and open minded thinking/behavior.

  • Proactive Collaboration

    Creating overall optimized excellent results with strong passion & voluntary display of individual strengths & cooperation, considering organizational growth/development as personal growth/development based on mutual trust between members/organizations.

  • Change and Leap

    Leaping towards the undisputed No.1 LG Display by overcoming fierce competition through fundamental changes breaking individual/industry limits.

Product Technology

LG Display

you dream we display company news

LG Display is doing our utmost
to create customer value and new market.

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