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  • Joyful Workplace A company that understands,
    a company that I want to be a part of!
    We support the enjoyable lives of our employees.
  • Career Development Employees are the competitiveness of our company.
    We provide opportunities to develop
    and prove one’s real worth.

Why LG Display

LG Display allows you to realize your dreams and offers great opportunities for growth

HR Principle

LG Display values people the most.

HR Principle

LG Display regards the most important driving force to maintain and advance
its status as global no. 1 company by demonstrating the fundamental competi-
tiveness in the long term is its people.

LG Display is organized to enhance the value of its people who are the main agents for custom-
er value innovation and readiness for future and to demonstrate the collective intelligence.

Human Talent's Charter

1Under the belief that the human talent is the best asset, LG Display establishes the condition for its employees to create the outcome and to recognize and compensate for the global no. 1 performance.
LG Display regards the difficult times as the opportunity to obtain the outstanding human talent and spare no dime for investment on manpower development.LG Display establishes the environment for its employees to focus on their work and create the outcome. LG Display recognizes and compensates appropriately for global no. 1 performance and enables the employees who demonstrate LG Display's concept of human talent and create the outstanding performance to be recognized as the best human talent.
2LG Display actively recruits and develops the human talent who conforms to its concept of human talent.
LG Display actively recruits and develops the human talent who conforms to its concept of human talent. LG Display prefers to discover and utilize the needed manpower from within. LG Display exert every effort including utilization of systematic selection measures to select the human talent who conforms to its concept of human talent. LG Display does its best to provide the organizational support include the attention and guidance of its senior employees so that the manpower can be developed through the challenging tasks and individual development plan.
3LG Display enables its employees to mutually respect and consider each other to demonstrate autonomy and creativity.
LG Display employees shall be equally and fairly treated without age, sexual, ethnic, racial, religious, regional or educational discrimination. Open communication, proactive collaboration, and challenge and advancement are the behavior pattern of LG Display employees.
4LG Display does not fear failure and challenges the extreme goal to pursue the best.
LG Display sets its goal not because it is merely attainable or with just desire but because it is the extreme level through thorough analysis. LG Display adopts the performance management reflecting not only the result but also the quality and process of outcome based on the zero-base approach excluding the fear of failure or mannerism of existing conventional method. LG Display's leadership encourages its members to challenge the extreme and pursue the best based on the confidence and creative thinking.
5LG Display and its employees work together to create the environment and atmosphere in which the employee want to come to work after waking up in the morning and to work with delight.
LG Display continuously endeavor to improve the welfare of its employees and balance between work and life. LG Display's leadership creates the atmosphere for its members to work pleasantly through praise and encouragement. LG Display employees demonstrate the harmonious teamwork with passion and owner spirit to create the organization full with creative ideas and strive to become the best in their own fields.

Evaluation and Compensation

Under the belief that the human talent is the best asset,
LG Display recognizes and compensates appropriately for the performance of its employees.

Compensation System

  • The evaluation is conducted in the process of goal setting
  • intermediate evaluation and coaching/feedback
  • final evaluation (once a year).

Performance + Competency =Outcome +Performance + Competency

Creation of Group Outcome

The business strategy and organization goals are cascaded with individual goals so that the both organization and individual goal are fulfilled.

Motivation of Employees

LG Display allows its employees to autonomously set the goal to motivate them to concentrate to achieve the goal and appropriately compensates for the performance to encourage the growth and development through cultivation of individual competency.

Compensation System

LG Display maintains the industry's best compensation level so that the employees will have pride and operates the various compensation systems
to motivate them to improve the performance.

  • PS(Profit sharing) - Compensation according to company performance
  • Vision Incentive - Compensation as needed for outstanding performance
  • PI(Personal Incentive) - Compensation according to individual performance (evaluation)
  • Basic Salary - Determined in overall consideration of market value and individual competency/performance


LG Display maximizes the welfare and satisfaction of its employee by operating the welfare system which can maintain the equity of benefits of its employees and reflect the personal needs.

  • 01.Support of Healthy Life

    Subsidy of Medical Expense
    LG Display subsidizes the medical expense
    up to a specific amount for treatment of
    disease of its employees and their direct
    families (parents, spouse and children).
    Medical Examination of Employees
    The regular medical examination allows the
    employees to maintain health by diagnosing
    and treating the disease early.
    Vacations such as the legal vacation, special
    paid summer vacation (3 nights and 4 days),
    and refresh vacation to assist the work and
    life balance.
  • 02.Support of Enriched Life

    Selective Benefits
    Reflecting the various preferences of its
    employees, LG Display annually allocates the
    points equivalent to 100,000 won to expand
    the choice and improve the satisfaction of its
    benefit system. The employees can selectively
    use the points for self-improvement, leisure/
    health, gift, and living convenience.
    Support of Informal Group Activities
    LG Display assures and supports the sound
    hobbies of its employees and promotes the
    fraternization and friendship among the
    employees to assure the sound working life.
    Leisure Facility
    LG Display employees are given the opportu-
    nity to use the company's leisure facilities
    (condominium, LG Training Center, resort
    hotels in Gangchon and Gonjiam) so that
    they can enjoy the comfortable leisure life.
  • 03.Support for Stable Life

    Housing Mortgage Subsidy
    When an employ purchase housing in the region
    he or she works, LG Display subsidizes a part of
    mortgage interest.
    School Expense
    LG Display subsidizes the school expense of the
    children or siblings of the employees.
    Support of Family Occasions
    LG Display grants money gift/condolence money
    and paid vacation for the family occasions of its
    Company housing and dormitory, commuting
    bus, long term employment reward, workplace
    childcare facility, etc.

Career Paths

LG Display cultivates the manpower who aspires the same values as the company and can demonstrate
his or her capability to the highest level.

Cultivation of LG Display Human Talent Having Professionalism and Global Capability

Cultivation of Key Global Talent

  • Leader/Successor Coaching Program
  • Advanced Education Support
  • MBA Education Support
  • Concentrated Language Training
  • Appointment at Overseas Subsidiaries

Basic Capability

  • New Employee On-the-Job Training (Mentor Selection)
  • All Employee Education Program
  • On-Line Education Program (Language, Book Learning, and Job Fundamentals)
  • New Employee Group / In-house Training
  • Special Lecture by Executives or Outside Expert

Education Specific to Each Duty

  • Area Specific Education Program
  • Job Related Project Program

IDP (Individual Development Plan)

  • 01.Career Vision Preparation

    Personal strength and develop-
    ment needed are checked using
    the individual performance,
    work experience and other data.

  • 02.IDP Planning

    The plan is generated based
    on the career vision and
    introspection to achieve it.

  • 03.Career Coaching

    The detailed action plan to develop
    the individual's career is generated
    jointly with the superior and
    executed. Continued communi-
    cations help the seamless execution.

  • 04.Continuous Support
    of Execution Result

    LG Display continuously supports
    the individual career development
    and checks and supplements its
    satisfaction level.

Product Technology

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