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Job Areas

This page describes the jobs at LG Display and their relevant majors.

A table showing the introduction to the job
Job Detailed Job Description Related Major
R&D Pioneering R&D Flexible display, new process/material
Electrical/electronic engineering, materials
engineering, physics, chemistry/chemical
engineering, mechanical engineering, etc.
3D/touch display, solar cell, etc
Circuit Design IC design, drive/compensation circuit design Electrical/electronic engineering,
control engineering, etc.
Algorithm development, etc.
Optical Design Optical structure design, optical design/analysis Optical engineering, physics, mechanical
engineering, etc
Optical simulation
Instrument design (vibration/impact/noise, etc.) Mechanical engineering, physics, electrical/electronic
engineering, etc
Heat resistance design, part molding, thermal
analysis, etc
Panel Design Panel technology development
(part, material, etc.)
Electrical/electronic engineering, chemistry/chemical
engineering, mechanical engineering, metallurgical/
material engineering, physics
Design concept determination/development
R&D task and project planning/management Industrial engineering and techno-MBA
Technology patent management, R&D
organization management, etc
Process Equipment
Equipment remodeling/enhancement/
development and process development
Mechanical engineering, electrical/electronic
engineering, chemistry/chemical engineering,
physics, metallurgical/material engineering, and
industrial engineering
Production automation and production system
Equipment loss improvement, dream fab
development, etc
TFT/Cell/Color Filter/Module engineering Electrical/electronic engineering, chemistry/chemical
engineering, mechanical/fluid dynamics, metallurgical/
material engineering, and industrial engineering
Production management, impurity and C/R air
current improvement, etc
Production Support Environment/
Power receipt/distribution unit installation/
operation and electrical facility management
Environment/safety engineering, electrical
engineering, etc
Gas/HVAC and heat source installation and
operation and safety system management
Purchase Purchase and material procurement Industrial engineering, electronic/electrical
engineering, metallurgical/material engineering, etc
Purchase plan and strategy generation, etc
Quality Quality strategy generation and quality
assurance system development and
Industrial engineering, electronic/electrical
engineering, etallurgical/material engineering, etc
Product certification test/reliability assessment
and customer quality advance management
Sales Marketing
SCM Logistics plan generation/operation and
shipment management
Business (SCM preferred) and industrial engineering
*Foreign language (English, Chinese, Japanese,
etc.) fluency preferred
Customer demand management and
Marketing and
Marketing strategy, market survey and
demand/price forecast
Business (SCM preferred) and industrial engineering
*Foreign language (English, Chinese, Japanese,
etc.) fluency preferred
Customer discovery and buildup, etc
Sales Local sales worldwide Business, industrial engineering, etc.
*Foreign language (English, Chinese, Japanese, )
etc.) fluency preferred
PR, general administration, legal affairs, etc Business and liberal arts
Finance Accounting, finance, banking,
risk management, etc
HR HR, labor relations, and education/training Business, liberal arts, law, etc

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