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  • OLED True future displays that offer
    the highest picture quality
    and futuristic design.
  • IPS Picture quality that is clear
    and unchanging from any angle.

TV Display

The best viewing environment, optimal picture quality, and innovative design.



The Future TV is Here. It's OLED.

A self-emissive display where every pixel exuberantly emits light taking the TV industry to a whole new level,
OLED TV presents the best picture quality and futuristic design.

OLED TV structure map
Highest Picture Quality

An entirely different picture quality that is made from self-emissive pixels

Perfect Black

With its self-emissive display, OLED expresses a perfect black color and realizes
an infinite contrast ratio by controlling every single pixel.

Lively Color & Wide Viewing Screen

OLED realizes realistic, vivid colors with its precise color expression
for no matter what images from any viewing angle.

Extreme HDR

OLED is an optimal HDR display that simultaneously expresses the perfect black color and peak luminance

What is HDR (High Dynamic Range)

Technology that enhances the attributes of dark and bright areas, respectively, by a detailed analysis of dark and bright pixel portions on the screen.

“OLED = The Best Solution for HDR”

  • - Broad HDR image coverage
  • - Maintains bright luminance regardless of peak luminan
Futuristic Design

A design the world has never seen before! Optimized for the realization of a future product

Paper Thin
Wallpaper TV
OLED TV (77/ 65/ 55)
Dual View Flat
Landmark Display - Seoul N Tower
Limitless Applications
Dual View Curved Tiling
Concave & Convex
Transparent Display
Rollable Display
New Technology-Crystal Sound OLED

LG Display offers new products that deliver the differentiated value of OLED.

Crystal Sound OLED

Crystal Sound OLED products do not require separate speakers because the panel acts as
audio equipment and is part of the speaker, so you can hear the sound directly from the screen for
a theatre-like experience.

OLED recognized by the world’s leading media

With entirely different merits unique to OLED TV, its excellence has been highly regarded by many world’s leading media.



Evolution in LCD TV with Differentiated Technology!

LG Display develops and manufactures products for LCD TVs that offer more innovative designs and
advanced picture quality.

IPS Nano Color

LG Display's IPS Nano Color technology is a next-generation high-color reproduction LCD technology implemented
in panels using the smallest nanoparticles. It has excellent color consistency viewed from any angle and is eco-friendly.
It does not contain RoHS* hazardous substance cadmium (Cd) or regulated substance phosphorus indium (InP).

Real World Light HDR

LG Display implements superior HDR (High Dynamic Range)
using M+ technology and a proprietary HDR algorithm.

Fine Detail 8K Resolution

This 8K resolution (7680 x 4320) product is a high-definition TV technology that lets viewers see
images 4 times clearer than UHD. LG Display uses IPS and copper wiring technology to more effectively
implement a wider viewing angle and bright screen.

Product Technology

LG Display

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