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  • IPS Picture quality that is clear
    and unchanging from any angle.

Transparent flexible display

Our commitment to continued R&D and R&D investment will realize your dreams.

flexible displayBringing imagination to reality

Transparent flexible display is something you may have seen in Sci-Fi movies. We bring it to reality so that you can play videos on a screen that is as clear as glass. It is also flexible so you can bend, roll or fold the display.

Transparent Flexible Display Display


Image Showing the Goal of Transparent/Flexible Display Development 2010.9 : Development of 
										the World's Largest 48cm EPD Product and 17cm HD OLED 2013 : Development of  Mass production World's Largest  size 15cm HD Curved OLED
        								2014 ~2017: 45cm Transparent Display, 45cm Transparent/Flexible Display, 139cm Transparent Display, 139cm or Larger Transparent/Flexible Display
Design degree of freedom
Commercial Display

Applicable Products

  • Window DisplayWindow Display
  • Interior TVInterior TV
  • Commercial DisplayPublic Display
  • Rollable ScreenRollable Screen

Product Technology

LG Display

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