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  • IPS Picture quality that is clear
    and unchanging from any angle.


A next-generation display technology that can realize image quality on a different level and various shapes.


Image quality on a different level and design diversity

LG Display's WRGB OLED technology is optimized for the implementation
of a large-size OLED and has been successfully commercialized by LG
Display for the first time in the world. The WRGB OLED not only can
realize clear image quality on a different level, but also the future
display of various shapes such as rolling, folding, and bending.


WRGB has a self-luminous OLED structure that does not require
backlight and liquid crystal. It realizes the best image quality with a richer and more accurate
color sense, wide field of view, and infinite contrast range, by
composing pixels using the WRGB 4-color method.

Product Technology

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