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  • IPS Picture quality that is clear
    and unchanging from any angle.

Mobile Display

Immerse yourself in a more vivid, wider and more invigorating screen.

Mobile Display

Mobile Display

Innovations in Mobile Display Beyond
Power Consumption and Design Limitations

Larger and clearer screens are granted lower power consumption and innovative design
to work better with hand-held mobile products.

Full screen display

The display area of the product is maximized by minimizing the top, bottom, left, and
right bezel of the screen, and providing an aspect ratio of 18: 9 or more, and
processing the corners with a corner rounding shape.
A fuller screen is provided, and a sense of immersion is increased by placing the
camera and sensor of the smart phone in the hole or notch area of the display.

New Mobile World through Plastic OLED

LG Display develop and produce the plastic substrates applied to OLED for mobile applications.
With pOLED(Plastic substrates applied to OLED), large full screen is possible under same device size. In terms of color,
pOLED provides rich and vivid color. Especially, pOLED provide differentiated value, such as innovative deign capability.

Display with innovative power consumption

Unmatched low power consumption performance is provided by operating the standby screen at
low Hz and using high-efficiency OLED elements. In particular, users can enjoy a bright screen
clearly for a long time even outdoors

Product Technology

LG Display

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LG Display is doing our utmost
to create customer value and new market.

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