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  • OLED True future displays that offer
    the highest picture quality
    and futuristic design.
  • IPS Picture quality that is clear
    and unchanging from any angle.

IT Display

LG Display leads the cutting-edge display market with customized products.

IT Display

IT Display

LG Display leads the market with customized products.

LG Display offers a variety of display products for monitors and 2-in-1/laptops that maximize user convenience.

More Vivid Screen

We develop and produce sharper high-definition IT products that meet the needs of consumers
who want to see the world as it really is - but on-screen.

Fine Detail High Resolution

Evolving beyond UHD to 8K, LG Display provides a clearer picture quality through our ultra-high-resolution displays. Our use of oxide technology gives the product excellent power consumption.

Real World Light HDR

LG Display's HDR (High Dynamic Range) products are based on IPS, meaning a deeper black and the truest possible primary colors. Precise colors can be expressed from any angle, making it suitable for professional use.

Cutting Edge Design

Optimized Curvature with Increased Immersion

Screen curvature optimized to human physiology provides a deeply immersive experience. By minimizing screen distortion, you can enjoy superior picture quality in an optimal viewing environment.

Optimized Aspect Ratios for IT Equipment

Provides an optimized aspect ratio by taking into consideration consumer usage and characteristics.

This aspect ratio is optimized for contents such as documents and web surfing, and has excellent portability.

The screen is wider to the left and right compared with 16:9, giving it a similar effect, as when using two monitors, and is optimized for multitasking as well as movies and games.

Slim & Innovative Design

The screen is covered with a slim bezel. The bottom front cover has been removed to
achieve a completely borderless 4 sides.

User Friendly Touch

LG Display uses in-TOUCH technology that dramatically reduces thickness and weight,
enabling more delicate touch performance and a slim display.

Crystal Sound Display

LG Display has expanded its Crystal Sound technology to LCD products such as notebooks and monitors.
Crystal Sound technology enables the display surface itself to emanate more realistic, richer sound than speakers
can. And CSD performs better middle and high frequency sound unlike conventional products.
This panel is running at 144HZ making smoother display without stuttering. So it would be a great solution especially
for gaming laptops or monitors. LG Display will first incorporate this technology into gaming products.

Product Technology

LG Display

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LG Display is doing our utmost
to create customer value and new market.

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