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  • OLED True future displays that offer
    the highest picture quality
    and futuristic design.
  • IPS Picture quality that is clear
    and unchanging from any angle.

Commercial Display

Diverse commercial display products that enrich our daily lives.

Video wall

Video wall

World’s Narrowest Even Bezel

LG Display developed the world’s narrowest bezel that minimizes cut-off or distortion of images.
It is the most optimal technology for large displays. The bigger size of display can be used for places
where mega-sized displays are needed such as airports and control rooms.

World’s Narrowest Even Bezel

A video wall is a product that consists of several displays
combined together to make asingle ultra large screen.
LG Display has recently developed a video wall with the world's thinnest 0.9mm even bezel. With minimized gaps between displays, the wall gives an impression of a single large screen.
It is also easy to install because of the bezel sizes on all four sides (top, bottom, left and right) are even, while being lightweight
and rigid compared to existing products.

Great Picture Quality

The wide viewing angle of IPS allows uniform image quality
with no color wash at any angle, and our exclusive algorithm
(VIC) technology, which enables uniform image quality and
colors among multiple screens to support the feature of a video
wall where multiple sets of screens are tiled together side by side, consistently ensures excellent image quality over multiple display screens.


IWB(Interactive Whiteboard)

Large size & Ultra high definition

LG Display’s IWB, featuring large-size and outstanding picture quality is replacing analog whiteboards
in classrooms and meeting rooms.

Full large size lineup

We offer a full large size lineup optimized for the educational and business environments to replace conventional blackboards and projector screens (for education and business).

Ultra High Definition

With 8.3 million pixels, which is 4 times more than the existing Full HD, the new electronic whiteboard delivers a more vivid, more detailed, and more accurate video compared to the projector-type electronic whiteboard

Touch Performance

Low-speed (60Hz) models suitable for fast touch have been developed considering the operational environment of electronic blackboards, and there is no flickering or afterimages on the screen at the time of touch thanks to the characteristics of IPS. (Competitors)

Low power consumption

Low power consumption To respond to continuously reinforced regulations on power consumption, we have developed a low power-consumption model based on the advantage of high transmittance of IPS (meets EPA 7.0 in North America).

UHD/FHD Multi Input

A super resolution function is integrated in the LCD panel to convert FHD input to UHD to allow clear display in UHD regardless of the resolution of contents (UHD/FHD).

Variant Display

Variant Display

Differentiated displays to maximize advertisement effect

LG Display is currently developing variant display products with many different picture ratios to create and lead
a new commercial display market. The 88-inch ultra stretch display offers a new picture ratio of 32:9 & 86-inch ultra stretch
display offers a new picture ratio of 58:9; it is a differentiated product that can be used either horizontally or vertically for various
purposes to maximize the effect of advertising and replace conventional signs and direction boards to display information.

Optimal size for various applications

Designed with the optimum size that can replace conventional signs and direction boards,
it can be used for various purposes and a clearer display is possible with horizontal
resolution (3840 pixel) that supports UHD level images.

Narrow Bezel for Tiling

A narrow bezel that supports horizontal / vertical 1xN tiling allows maximized advertising
effect in various scenes of use.

Outdoor Display

Outdoor Display

Clear picture even under sunlight exposure

The super high brightness product with over 2000nit developed by LG Display delivers bright and vivid video
outdoors with no reliability issues. LG Display’s highly durable outdoor products can be used in various areas such
as menu boards.

High Luminance with RGBW

Based on the RGBW technology, the screen display is up to 50% brighter than existing products with the same backlight, offering an advantage in achieving an outdoor screen with good legibility.

Low Energy Consumption with RGBW

Based on the RGBW technology, power consumed to display the screen of the same specification can be reduced by 35% on average, and the cooling cost of outdoor products can be reduced as less heat is generated.

High Readability

The QWP(Quarter Wave Plate) enables users to enjoy life-like picture quality video outdoors even with their polarized light sunglasses on.

Wide Temperature Range

The Anti-Reflection surface treatment reduces outdoor daylight reflection and provides vivid colors outdoors.

OLED Display

OLED Display

OLEDs are simple and harmonious in structure and can be freely
implemented in concave/convex forms.Thin and light, they can easily
be installed on the ceiling.

Dual View Flat
Dual View Flat
Landmark Display - Seoul N Tower
Landmark Display
Dual View Curved Tiling
Dual View Curved Tiling
Transparent Display
Transparent Display



Narrow and Slim Design with Even Bezel

LG Display’s signage products based on IPS technology offer superb reliability. In addition, the sophisticated
design ensures the 4-side even bezel and slim body makes it suitable for information boards or advertisement
boards installed in places such as restaurants and airports

Narrow & Slim

4-side(top/bottom/left/right) even narrow bezel and slim body ensure a slimmer and lighter innovative design.

Simple & Neat

The black color on the front bezel makes it suitable for standalone installation.

Full Line-up

LG Display offers a full line-up of products from 80cm to 248cm, fit for any place, any use.

Product Technology

LG Display

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