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  • IPS Picture quality that is clear
    and unchanging from any angle.

Commercial Display

Diverse commercial display products that enrich our daily lives.



Overwhelming image quality based on innovative degree of freedom

An OLED display, where the panel emits light by itself, enables you to enjoy vivid images of different dimensions by expressing the color sense as it is in natural colors and implementing the infinite contrast ratio, as each pixel delicately controls light. It is also thin and light with a simple structure without backlight, which provides unlimited possibilities in terms of application range and design and enables designs that never existed in this world. The OLED display is changing the paradigm of the signage market because it can implement various shapes freely such as concave and convex shapes and can be installed on the ceiling.

Transparent OLED

As an OLED does require separate backlight, optimal transparency can be realized. Consumers can view the products beyond the display and information on the screen at the same time, using the transparent OLED display. The OLED display itself can be a luxury interior element that attracts the attention of visitors. As a result, the OLED display can be used for a wide range of applications in various places and spaces, such as show windows, museums, and art galleries.

Tiling Display

The light and thin OLED display provides differentiated advertising effects and space as well as information, as unprecedented flexible design can be implemented. The OLED can also be placed in a variety of shapes as it supports various concave and convex curvatures in both horizontal and vertical directions and attracting people's attention everywhere by provides a bright and clear screen from any angle.

Gaming Display

The OLD provides more exciting gaming experience with perfect picture quality, fast response speed with 120Hz and VRR support, and smooth and exuberant videos without breaking-off and distortion.

in - TOUCH

in - TOUCH

Slim & Superior Picture Touch Display

The display of the in-TOUCH product are integrated with a touch function. Therefore, it implements slim design and superior image quality compared to general products that touch parts (film) are added outside the display. in-Touch is the differentiated product of LG Display that can be applied to various product lines such as the electronic bulletin board, Kiosk, ISS (Interactive Smart Shelf), elevator, and vending machine, based on the product line-up of various sizes and types.

Slim Design

As the display of the in-TOUCH product are integrated with a touch function, slim design and narrow bezel can be implemented in preparation compared to the general touch products that require additional touch parts (film).

Superior Picture

The in-TOUCH product realizes top image quality without any image quality distortion such as touch patten recognition and milky effect generated by general touch parts (Film).

Easy Assembly

in-TOUCH technology is advantageous for the simple manufacturing process and cost saving by integrating touch parts.

in-TOUCH Pro

in-TOUCH Pro is 86/75/55-inch products that are suitable for the electronic bulletin board. in-TOUCH Pro can replace the existing blackboard and projector screen with excellent touch performance and image quality, and large size full line-up.

in-TOUCH Standard

in-TOUCH Standard is 55/43/32-inch products that are suitable for the Kiosk and TV. Accurate information is delivered to consumers and simple manufacturing and installation convenience are provided to manufacturers, by making the use of in-Touch’s excellent image quality, slim design, and easy assembly.

in-TOUCH Stretch

in-TOUCH Stretch has a 29/23-inch differentiated size that is optimized with ISS (Interactive Smart Shelf). in-TOUCH Stretch provides new shopping experience to consumers and various consumer purchase data to sellers through two-way communication using the touch.

Video wall

Video wall

World’s Narrowest Even Bezel

LG Display developed the world’s narrowest bezel that minimizes cut-off or distortion of images.
It is the most optimal technology for large displays. The bigger size of display can be used for places
where mega-sized displays are needed such as airports and control rooms.

World’s Narrowest Even Bezel

A video wall is a large visualization surface consisting of multiple displays. LG Display developed the world's thinnest Bezel video wall. (Bezel to Bezel: 0.44mm)
It is also easy to install because of the bezel sizes on all four sides (top, bottom, left and right) are even, while being lightweight
and rigid compared to existing products.

Great Picture Quality

The wide viewing angle of IPS allows uniform image quality
with no color wash at any angle, and our exclusive algorithm
(VIC) technology, which enables uniform image quality and
colors among multiple screens to support the feature of a video
wall where multiple sets of screens are tiled together side by side, consistently ensures excellent image quality over multiple display screens.



General type, differentiated type, outdoor

The proprietary IPS technology of LG Display provides excellent viewing angles and vibrant color expression, which will deliver accurate information in various environments such as the airport, shopping center, and restaurant.

Full Line-up

LG Display offers a full line-up of products from 80cm to 248cm, fit for any place, any use.


Aligned in a horizontal direction in IPS panels, resulting in superior picture quality and wider viewing angles.

Values of IPS
Wide Viewing Angle and Clear Color Expression

IPS Delivers a crystal-clear picture quality from any angle, anytime, anywhere.

High Transmittance

High transmittance provides high resolution at lower power consumption.

Unshakeable Screen

IPS enables viewers to enjoy stable picture quality with no afterimage or flashing when the screen is touched.

Outdoor signage

Clear Picture even under sunlight exposure

The in-plane switching (IPS) technology of LG Display implements the bright and sharp videos and stable product reliability even in outdoor environments. The LG Display products for outdoor can be used in drive-through menu board and outdoor billboard, etc. based on the high transmittance and strong durability.

High Readability

The QWP(Quarter Wave Plate) enables users to enjoy life-like picture quality video outdoors even with their polarized light sunglasses on.

Wide Temperature Range

The Anti-Reflection surface treatment reduces outdoor daylight reflection and provides vivid colors outdoors.

Product Technology

LG Display

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