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Discover more about LG Display's products and activities in videos.

  • Beyond display, OLED build the dreams of the world.
  • LG Display OLED Brand PR Film - THE BLACK
  •  LG Display Mutual Growth
  • LG Display Coporate PR Film
  • LG Display Coporate PR Film

Beyond display, OLED build the dreams of the world.

The birth of display was the beginning of a new world.

The birth of display was the beginning of a new world.

In the world that was revealed by the display, we saw a brighter future. We have turned imagination into reality.

We have finally opened up a new realm of innovation for OLED after overcoming numerous challenges through our passion.  

We will make this new world with values that rise above the technology we have known so far.

Display which broke away from the limits of form, more freely overcame the hindrances of expression to expand the value of beauty into a realm of creation close to an art.

While substituting for familiar functions and emotions, we are continuing to imagine through infinity.

A window of communication which allows mutual understanding beyond the visible world.

It always leads us to selecting the best by swiftly reacting even at unexpected moments.

The unlimited evolution of technology turns all imagination to a display into reality.      

Our old dreams of getting desired information have just all been realized by wearable devices. More satisfactory routines are made to be enjoyed by always providing optimum conditions.

Furthermore, our desired values are provided anywhere and anytime through thinner and lighter forms.

 ‘Interface without gap between humans and technology’.

As OLED technology enters into our environment and forms, our work and life will be made anew even further.

And, at the end of all the changes, our dreams will be realized.

Although the display is evolving ceaselessly, our never-changing values will continue to be projected toward human beings.

A sheet of display will wrap around even our hearts and contain values of communication and healing to get us closer to fulfilling our dreams.

An amazing and precious experience, where desires are unfolded and all emotions in that space are conveyed through the five senses.

While we nourish the happiness of the next generation in this way, we will advance to this new world.

The future dreamed of by everyone,
The technology that’s making that future a reality.

OLED will be opening up, beyond everyone's imagination.

LG Display OLED Brand PR Film - THE BLACK

Perfect Black creates Perfect Color

The wonder of the Mother Nature
The dazzling stars embroidering the universe
The warm sunset glow coloring the sky

In the magnificent “feast of colors” before our eyes,
we are always filled with admiration;
yet, when we look at the world in a different view,
we get to see the deeper aspects that amaze our innermost emotions.

Little but fundamental difference that defines every color;
everyone knows, but no one has seen it precisely.
The unforgettable visual experience originates from the absolute color,


The black that coexist with every color;
the black that emphasize all the colors in the world;
and, the black so deep that it reveals itself among all the other colors.

The true black that never allows even a ray of light;
The real black in which even the black color itself cannot be faked,
at last, shows its real depth out of every color.

Open your eyes
for you have yet to experience
all the colors in the world.

Redefine the way to see.

Perfect black creates Perfect color



LG Display Mutual Growth

LG Display Mutual Growth

LG Display
Win-Win Growth

Experience The Wider and More Stunning World.

LG Display will be with you in the history of new display.

We meet the world, larger and more beautiful. We meet a more colorful and richer world.

LG Display is always there every single moment when a history begins to be written for
new displays.

An LCD Display showing a larger world - LG Display leads the future world of displays.

LG Display leads others in the development of the TFT-LCD technology and sets up global standards by actively taking up new challenges for the progress.

LG Display has been committed to the next-generation of display technology and the development of new products through its research center in Anyang armed with cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and exhibited the world’s top-level capability for technological development with platform technology that provides the standards for TFT-LCD products.

LG Display has maximized the capacity of its HD and Full HD displays for the reproduction of highly expressive images via exploiting, for the first time in the industry, the low-resistance copper wiring technology and developed the industry’s first side-mounting system.

LG Display makes light high-definition LCD monitors through a range of cutting-edge technologies including the Super IPS technology that provides viewers with extra clean images from any angle within 178 degrees, ODC technology that dramatically improved the speed of response of liquid crystals, DCR technology that creates even more vivid colors by highlighting the contrast between light and shade, and the advanced LED backlight and LTPS technologies.

LG Display is playing a key role in the development of next-generation technologies including those related with Flexible Ebook which will be applied for the future of electronic newspaper and electronic paper, 3D LCD, and AMOLED self-luminescent screens. With continued investment in R& activities for technological advancement, LG Display as a global leader in the industry opens a new horizon.

LG Display is opening a richer tomorrow for the display market by leading partnerships in and around it.

LG Display provides full lineup of TVs in a wide variety of sizes, releases large-size wide HD TVs, and plays a crucial role in the effort to standardize the sizes of LCD TV.

The company has recently surpassed the limit of technology and succeeded in the development of 100-inch LCD TVs which had been regarded as impossible. In the TFT-LCD monitors, it has continued to create new markets with mega-size wide monitors and high-end products of premium class that provide highest possible definitions.

LG Display leads the industry in the laptop technology and the standardization of sizes by providing products, from the LCD displays for ultra-light laptop computers to the large wide screens, equipped with maximum portability and optimized multimedia features.

The company also opens a world where a wider range of display products are available by providing more versatile and comfortable application products, such as mobile communication equipment, automotive navigation systems, optical and medical equipment, and devices for airplanes.

LG Display establishes a true partnership with its customers through the products designed to fully meet their demand. The company opens a digital display world filled with limitless potential as dreamed by the humanity by providing products of the highest possible quality that can meet any demand from them.

Following the 4th, 5th and 6th generations of production lines, LG Display has recently completed the 7th-generation production line at the Paju Display Cluster, thus setting up the production lines of all generations.

The Paju Display Cluster set up on an area of about 4.5 million square meters to become the world’s largest of its kind has grown into the global hub of the TFT-LCD production and a cradle for the production of next generation displays. The cluster plays a key role in providing the products of various sizes demanded by the markets at a right time and in setting up new standards.

LG Display has established local sales subsidiaries in many parts around the world as an effort to help global customers have better access to the LG’s latest products. The company’s administration committed to the global markets has recently led to the completion of its module factories in China and Poland, further expanding its connection with the customers across the globe. With the remarkable achievements in the recent period, LG was rated as highest in customer satisfaction for four consecutive years from 2002 and has been widely praised for its performance in the areas of technology, product quality, and environmentally friendly administration.

LG Display is creating a true TFT-LCD world that its customers dream of through the leadership that exerts a major impact on the global display market.

There is a window through which we see and meet the world. There is a language with which we communicate with our customers. Now LG Display guides you to the meeting with a new world.

LG’s top priority is to contribute to the social development via materialization of customers’ values, technologies focused on the future of the humanity and the environment, and true entrepreneurial spirit.

LG Display

The Window of Your Dream.

LG Display will show you the future you dream of.

What would the world of displays look like in the future?
LG Display is playing a crucial role in the creation of its future.

LG Display is unfolding a new world of TFT-LCD with cutting-edge display technologies designed to create more colorful and vivid images.

From the world’s largest display to a more diverse and optimized application lineup,
LG Display exploits the technological capabilities of the world’s top level it owns to
produce LCD TV monitors optimized for full HD digital broadcasting.
The company has grown into a leading player in the digital display market by providing
LCD products optimized for multitasking HD monitors, ultra-thin low power laptops,
automotive navigators, digital photo frames, and various medical equipment.

LG Display has always been ready to lend helping hands to customers and one step
ahead of its competitors with respect to display technologies and product standardization.
Armed with its own IPS technology allowing a wider field of view and faster response time,
LG Display has been leading the global display market regarding the display technology
and standardization efforts in particular.

LG Display is leading the industry in the standardization of display technologies via
competitive advantages it achieved in the technologies of the wide-viewing angle IPS
that provides clear images from all angles and maintains stable images on touchscreen,
the TrueMotion that allows LCD faster response times, low-resistance copper wiring,
and LPIS that allows high-speed processing of a large amount of signs without any loss
of data.

LG Display excels its competitors in the development of environmentally friendly displays based on the low-power, and low thermal and electromagnetic radiation as shown by the development of LCD TVs marked by the world’s lowest power consumption and the double-sided reflective LCD that displays images on both sides using natural light.

With continuous investments in R&D LG Display has been able to maintain the world’s
leading position in the next generation display technologies such as those for the Public Display, AMOLED, Flexible Display, and E-paper.

In the Public Display sector, LG Display provides products that render highest resolution images available today and a wide variety of sizes including 84-inch public displays,
introducing its customers to a world of differentiated technologies.

LG Display has recently succeeded in the development of the world’s largest (15 inches) AMOLED display following that of small-size AMOLED displays, leading the era of next generation displays in which mid to large-size displays used for laptop computers and TVs
are mass produced.

The development of the world’s first 14.1-inch R& Flexible Electronic Paper in 2006 and the Color Flexible Display in the following year, and the world’s first 11.5-inch Flexible Touch
E-paper make LG Display a great pioneer in the history of electronic displays.

LG Display never refrains from facing the challenges from the future.

LG Display is expanding its business scope and has recently begun to participate in the manufacturing of ultrathin solar cells based on the technical achievements and knowhow
the company made in the field of displays.

The company is expected to unfold the fascinating world of boundless potential of the 3D displays by developing products that present clearer and more vivid 3D images, ranging from the Film-type Patterned Retarder (FPR) and Shutter Glasses (SG) displays to the auto-stereoscopic displays, on the basis of the technology that led the company to the world’s
first mass production of Full HD 3D LCD monitors.

Armed with the world’s top display technology, LG Display will turn the world of displays in
your dream and imagination into reality.

We will show you the future you dream of.

LG Display

Product Technology

LG Display

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LG Display is doing our utmost
to create customer value and new market.

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