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LG Display’s OLED TV displays receive ‘Accurate Picture Quality’ certification


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SEOUL, Korea (Aug. 25, 2020) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that its OLED TV displays have received Accurate Picture Quality certification from Intertek, a leading global assurance, inspection, product testing, and certification company. Through this certification, LG Display’s OLED TV displays have been recognized for precisely realizing the picture quality intended by content producers.

Accurate Picture Quality is tested in three categories: Delta Zero Color Fidelity, Black Luminance, and Viewing Angle Color Shift.

The Delta Zero Color Fidelity test gives a numerical value for the difference between the original color and how the color actually appears on a TV. LG Display’s OLED TV panels scored 0.79~0.94 in the Delta Zero Color Fidelity test, which is below the threshold of 1. This figure is similar to the level of ‘reference monitors’ that are used to edit movies and which cost tens of thousands of dollars, offering a display level three times superior to that of premium LCD TVs.

Because each one of tens of millions of pixels in an OLED TV is self-controlled and lights up on its own, they accurately express colors without distortion, whether it be an orange sky on Mars or an emerald sea that video producers intend to portray.

Of the billion colors in a display, the Delta Zero Color Fidelity test selects 729 and evaluates the difference between the original and the actual color displayed in terms of lightness, chroma, and hue. A score of 0 to 1 means the difference is difficult even for experts to discern; 1 to 3 can be distinguished by experts and 3 or higher represents a level of variation that can be noticed by the general public.

LG Display’s OLED TV panels also recorded a perfect black level in the Black Luminance test, while the assessment for Viewing Angle Color Shift showed the same image quality from the left and right sides as the front. Based on these results, LG Display’s OLED TV displays were recognized for their overall image quality excellence.

Perfect black and wide viewing angles are becoming more important as perfect black helps to express different colors more vividly, with its values more accentuated in movies and games, while wide viewing angles provide the same color and image quality from any direction when viewing large-sized TVs.

The company’s OLED displays were previously certified for their low blue light emissions and flicker-free status, confirming the reputation of its panels for being exceptionally easy on the eye as well as demonstrating outstanding picture quality.

“As an increasing number of people are enjoying movies, arts, and performances on their TVs with the spread of the non-contact trend, the importance of a TV’s accurate representation of picture continues to grow,” said Dr. Chang-ho Oh, Senior Vice President & Head of the TV Business Unit at LG Display. “LG Display will actively promote the exceptional quality of OLED TVs to consumers and further accelerate the OLED trend.”

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