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LG Display to showcase next-generation OLED displays online at SID 2020


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LG Display to showcase next-generation OLED displays online at SID 2020

SEOUL, Korea (Aug. 3, 2020) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, will showcase next-generation OLED technologies at the 2020 Society for Information Display (SID) conference being held online from August 3 to 7.

 LG Display will showcase its advanced and innovative OLED technologies at its virtual showroom on SID’s online site in two zones: an ‘Unlimited Design Freedom Zone’ where it will show varied and innovative designs that OLED is capable of and an ‘Enhanced User Experience Zone’ where it will provide visitors with the chances to experience OLED technology suited to their lifestyle.    

In the ‘Unlimited Design Freedom Zone,’ next-generation foldable and transparent products such as 65-inch, 12.8-inch Rollable OLED, 13.3-inch large-size foldable OLED, 65-inch bendable OLED, and 55-inch transparent OLED with 40% transparency will be showcased.

 Meanwhile in the ‘Enhanced User Experience Zone,’ a 27-inch curved P-OLED for automotive dashboard and a Digital Cockpit composed of a 12.3-inch Cinematic Sound OLED dashboard will be showcased to suggest the direction in which the automobile industry should head, in addition to a demonstration of next-generation OLED displays including AV/VR and 3D.

In addition, LG Display will use videos to enable visitors to experience an innovative future life that OLED technology will bring about in online space. With this online exhibition, the company will further expand consumer interaction to cultivate new business opportunities.

“We will lead the innovation of future displays based on differentiated technology that only OLED can realize,” said Dr. In-Byeong Kang, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at LG Display.

LG Display will also release its latest research papers online related to various cutting-edge display technologies including OLED during the show to underscore its differentiated technology excellence.

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