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LG Display showcases innovative OLED displays at SID 2019


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LG Display 65inch rollable OLED TV

LG Display 65inch rollable OLED TV

Seoul, Korea (May 14, 2019) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, will showcase cutting-edge, next-generation OLED displays at the 2019 Society for Information Display (SID) conference being held at the San Jose Convention Center from May 14 to 16.


With its range of premium OLED products, including next-generation OLED TV panels and automotive POLED (Plastic OLED) panels, LG Display will solidify its technology leadership and further boost the popularity of OLED displays.


LG Display will showcase its 65-inch UHD rollable OLED TV display to highlight the unique value that only OLED can offer. This world’s first 65-inch rollable OLED TV display that the company unveiled last year has since received positive reviews from industry experts and customers for its broad applicability and innovative design as well as its excellent picture quality.


LG Display will also present the world’s biggest 88-inch 8K OLED TV display and an 88-inch 8K Crystal Sound OLED TV display that generates sound directly from the panel, giving visitors a real hands-on experience of the superior quality of OLED TV.


In addition, LG Display will exhibit automotive POLED products with high design flexibility that enables natural curved shapes without compromising outstanding picture quality. On show will be a Digital Dashboard with two 12.3-inch POLED panels combined, a 13-inch Center Information Display (CID), and a 12.3-inch transparent POLED for automobiles with 45 percent transparency to propose a future direction for automotive displays. POLED has been perceived as the ideal next-generation display for automobiles.


Various new commercial displays will also be showcased, including a digitalized X-ray detector that has heightened diagnostic accuracy due to its improved picture quality. Also, 86-inch and 43-inch UHD LCD electronic whiteboard displays with the company’s in-TOUCH technology embedded inside the display will be in the booth as well.


“LG Display has pioneered the industry with innovative display technologies such as IPS and OLED TV panels,” said Dr. In-Byeong Kang, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at LG Display. He added, “We will further strengthen our position as the leading technology innovator in the industry by accelerating our R&D efforts.”


During SID 2019, the company will be presenting the latest research papers on various display technologies, including OLED, that underscore the company’s technology leadership in the industry.


Dr. Soo-Young Yoon, Senior Vice President and Head of LG Display Laboratory, will receive a special achievement award from SID in recognition of his contributions to the development of next-generation OLED displays, including transparent and rollable OLED panels.



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