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LG Display to Showcase Next-Generation Displays at SID 2017


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LG Display to Showcase Next-Generation Displays at SID 2017

LG Display to Showcase Next-Generation Displays at SID 2017

Seoul, Korea (May 23, 2017) – LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, will showcase cutting-edge, next-generation displays at the 2017 Society for Information Display (SID) conference, which is being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from May 23 to 26.

Under the theme of “Our Technology, Your Innovation,” LG Display will showcase various innovative display products including OLED TVs, IT & mobile displays, and automotive displays at the company’s booth during SID 2017.

“LG Display has a track record of producing a number of world-first display products, such as IPS panels, OLED TV panels, and many others,” said In-Byeong Kang, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of LG Display. “The company is well positioned to continue to lead innovation in next-generation technologies.”

LG Display will highlight its OLED products which offer the differentiated value of realizing superb picture quality and showing infinite potential in terms of design. These include the 77-inch Ultra HD (UHD) Wallpaper OLED TV panel, which is literally as thin as paper. It realizes outstanding picture quality and maximizes design potential as it is thin and light enough to stick to a wall. Indeed, thanks to its unmatched value, the 65-inch UHD Wallpaper OLED TV panel released last year will receive the “Display of the Year Award” during SID 2017.

In addition, LG Display will bring the innovation by introducing its 65-inch UHD Crystal Sound OLED (CSO), as the sound emanates directly from the panel which is vibrated by exciters attached to the back of the panel.

LG Display has expanded its in-TOUCH technology to the 24-inch class monitor, creating new potential for the IT market with an expanded product portfolio of high-resolution products. The company’s in-TOUCH technology delivers outstanding touch sensitivity as well as sleek designs with reduced bezels, as it doesn’t need touch cover glass.

On display will be the world’s biggest 37.5-inch curved monitor panel with a 21:9 screen aspect ratio which maximizes the immersive viewing experience, along with a 32-inch 8K monitor panel which offers a high resolution realizing lifelike images.

LG Display will highlight its leadership in the automotive display market by introducing a brand-new 12.3-inch dashboard cluster display with multi-layered transparent displays. The company will also showcase a mirror display with over 75 percent reflectivity that can replace room mirrors. The company has prepared a special space in the booth for visitors to check out these auto displays as if they were inside a car.




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