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The Future TV is Here
It's OLED, not LCD

With the unique WRGB technology of 4 color pixels,
it realizes the best picture quality of more accurate colors,
perfect viewing angle and infinite contrast ratio.

OLED Signage
Differentiated Design

Thin and lightweight, OLED gives infinite design possibilities,
enabling best image qualities under a variety of designs.
OLED is the perfect match for future displays, signage and more.

Sustainability Management,
Key to your life

LG Display fulfills its social responsibility
to create the world in which everyone is happy.

with LG Display

LG Display realizes dreams of
those who enjoy the change and challenge.


You Dream, We Display.
LG Display
Brings your dreams to life

People dream of the future and share
their dreams with each other.

LG Display listens to those dreams and
brings them to life through creative
thinking and innovative technology.

The future you dream of is possible with
LG Display.