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Board of Directors

Board of Directors and Board Committees Information

Information in the Board of Directors Committee Composition table
Type Name Date Appointed Term Appointment Present Position
Standing Directors Sang Beom Han 2018.03.15 3Years Reappointed CEO and Vice Chairman, LG Display
Sang Don Kim 2017.03.23 2Years Reappointed CFO and Senior Vice President, LG Display
Non-standing Director Hyun-Hwoi Ha 2017.03.23 3Years Newly Appointed CEO and Vice Chairman, LG
Outside Directors Joon Park 2016.03.11 3Years Reappointed Member of Audit Committee and Professor, School of Law, Seoul National University
Byungho Lee 2018.03.15 3Years Newly Appointed Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Seoul National University
Sung Sik Hwang 2018.03.15 3Years Reappointed Chairman of Audit Committee and president of Samchully Co., Ltd.
Kun Tai Han 2016.03.11 3Years Newly Appointed Member of Audit Committee and CEO of Hans Consulting

(The date of appointment is the date of decision by shareholders' meeting.)

The Board of Directors of LG Display is formed of 7 Directors including 3 Non-Outside Director and 4 Outside Directors. BOD consists of 3 committees of the Audit Committee, Outside Director Nomination Committee and Management Committee.

Independence and Specialization of BOD

LG Display separated the Chairman of BOD and CEO to have the sound governance and transparent management system. The independence of BOD is assured by selecting the outside directors at the shareholders' meeting among those recommended by the Outside Director Candidate Recommendation Committee. To ensure the efficient and rational decision making and specialization, the outside directors are selected from those who have the extensive knowledge and experience in professional areas such as management, law, technology, accounting, etc. To assure the independence of each committee, the ratio of outside directors in each committee except the Management Committee of BOD is maintained of a specific ratio or more, and each committee is operated transparently according to the operating guideline of the committee.

BOD Committees

LG Display has established efficient and transparent corporate governance through the BOD and its committees - the Audit Committee, the Outside Director Nomination Committee, and the Management Committee, which are tasked with improving corporate governance, recommending outside directors, and tackling various risks related to corporate management. The committees' major activities can be viewed at the Data Analysis, Retrieval, and Transfer (DART) System of the Financial Supervisory Service ( ).

Board Committees

Information in the Board of Directors Committee Composition table
Type Organization Name Purpose and Authority
Audit Committee 3 Outside Directors
Joon Park,
Sung Sik Hwang,
Kun Tai Han
Auditing of LG Display's accounting and operation and assessment of internal audit
Outside Director Nomination Committee 1 Non-Outside Director,
2 Outside Directors
Hyun-Hwoi Ha,
Joon Park,
Kun Tai Han
Recommendation of outside director candidate to be selected by the General Shareholders' Meeting
Management Committee 2 Non-Outside Directors
Sang Beom Han,
Sang Don Kim
Delegation of general business matters and minor financial matters so that the BOD can focus and deliberate the important issues more efficiently and seek the quick execution by the management

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