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CEO Message

LG Display will open the window to the greater digital display.

LG Display CEO Sang-Beom Han

We welcome all of you who visited LG Display Web site.

  • Advancement of digital technology is turning our imagination into reality, and the display industry is also advancing day after day to show more realistic digital world.

  • LG Display, the global leader in display industry, is developing the advanced technologies so that more people can use the state-of-the-art displays easily and conveniently and lead more joyful and enriched lives.
  • The differentiated technologies of LG Display, such as WRGB OLED which achieves richer image quality and perfect design through a unique four-color method, IPS which recreates the vivid colors of nature as seen with the naked eye, a portable flexible display that can be folded or rolled, and FPR 3D which offers realistic 3D images to be enjoyed conveniently and safely, enable you to enjoy digital contents easily and quickly, any time and at any place.
  • LG Display will continue broadening the way to enable more people to experience the smart digital life.
  • We ask your continued attention and support for LG Display's committed challenge for the pleasant display world.
  • Thank you.




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